Shahnaz Husain Neem Skin Care Kit

Shahnaz Husain Neem Skin Care Kit

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Shahnaz Husain Shaneem Neem Facial Kit

The Kit Includes the following products:

1) Shaneem Neen Skin Cleansing Cream (40 gm)
Indications: With a natural cleansing action, this formulation helps to remove dirt, make-up and other impurities, without disturbing the normal moisture balance. Softens the dead skin cells and facilitates their removal. Makes the skin look clear, bright and healthy.
Method of Use: Apply on face, neck and hands. Massage gently with circular movements. Remove with moist cotton wool.

2) Shaneem Neem Skin Nourishing Cream (40 gm)
Indications: An excellent night cream, containing neem and other herbal extracts, it provides emollients and moisturisers, to revitalize and rehydrate the skin. Helps to slow down the visible signs of ageing and makes the skin appear firm, soft and smooth.
Method of Use: Massage into the skin at night. Remove excess cream with moist cotton wool.

3) Shaneem Neem Rejuvenating Skin  Balm (100 gm) 
An extremely effective formulation, which improves the texture of dull, dry skin, making it look younger. Helps to protect the skin and reduces the signs of ageing. Makes the skin appear firm, smooth and radiant.
Method of Use: Apply on face, neck and hands. Wash off when dry, preferably with milk and then water.
Advantages of Neem for Skin Care
Neem is Natural Anti bacterial, Anti- parasitic, Anti- fungal, Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties 
Neem can help you get rid of common beauty problems that you face in your daily life
Neem is a natural way to fight skin problems for people with sensitive or oily, acne prone skin
Neem will give a natural glow to skin  
Make skin tight and fight wrinkle and delays ageing of skin.
Also helps to fight black heads and whiteheads prevents them from occurring by regular use of neem.