Shahnaz husain Beauty Book Tips on Beauty

Shahnaz husain Beauty Book Tips on Beauty

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In this book, Shahnaz Husain makes a successful endeavor to spread the rich herbal heritage of India around the world. She offers complete and holistic beauty solutions. The topics include skin, face and hair care, hand and feet care, and tips on make-up. Shahnaz effectively combines ancient herbal remedies with scientific techniques. The book seeks to meet the burgeoning demand for cosmetics made of herbs and other natural products. Moreover herbal beauty-aids can be prepared at home according to your very personal requirements and tastes. And since these are relatively cheaper, you can have many more natural cosmetics without stretching your budget.

"Internationally famous - she is an established name in Skin and Hair care."
— New York Times

"She is spreading the rich herbal heritage of India around the world."
— Guardian

"Fabulous and fascinating."
— Barbara Cartland, London

"Asia's Helena Rubinstein."
— Espirit, Germany

"Shahnaz Hussain has become a legend in her own lifetime."
— Ingrid Bergman

"The jet age beauty tycoon."
— The Mirror, UK

"The uncrowned queen of India's beauty industry...Shahnaz Hussian is as exotic as her name."
— Daily Telegraph, UK

"Shahnaz Hussain is god's gift to the world. Her sole purpose in life is to make other people's life more beautiful and worth living."
— Black Beauty, London, UK

"A guru of gorgeousness - Shahnaz Hussain exudes an aura of herbal confidence - stemming from years of research and dedication."
— Miss London, UK

'Shahnaz Hussain's knowledge in the field of herbal cures is unparalleled. She has become an institution in herself, at an International level.'
— Nina Haas, Pres. CIDESCO Intl. Monte Carlo

'Shahnaz Hussain has taken the world by storm by going back to nature...'
— Saudi Gazette, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

'Shahnaz Hussain has done for India's image what no one in that country has been able to do by way of promoting India's image abroad in cosmetics.'
— Beauty Salon, UK

'Shahnaz Hussain combines ancient herbal remedies with scientific techniques very effectively.'
— Washington Post, USA

'Shahnaz Hussain is India's sacred goddess of beauty.'
— Jardin Desmodes, Paris

'Internationally recognized authority on herbs...a phenomenal success.'
— B.B.C