Parachute Pure Coconut Oil

Parachute Pure Coconut Oil

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Parachute Coconut hair oil brings to you the natural goodness of coconut. The essential purity makes Parachute Coconut hair oil a premium hair oil. Dried good quality coconut, called copra, is pressed and used to make coconut oil, which is used in commercial frying and as a component in many packaged and baked goods such as candy, cookies, margarines, soap and cosmetics. Coconut oil is a non animal saturated fat. Parachute Coconut hair oil is premium grade oil and a market leader in its category. Parachute is positioned on the platform of purity. Perfect ancient remedy for hair problems like Hair fall Hair loss Split ends Weak hair root Hair moisturizer & conditioner Stops hair fall and promote hair growth One of the oldest ancient ways to keep your hairs healthy Millions of people have already used parachute and are still using it. It can also be used for body massage and other uses.

How to Apply: take a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand and gently massage it on your hair and scalp. you can leave it leave it on your hair for few hours or even better if you leave overnight and shampoo your hair in the morning.

Note: Parachute Oil will freeze in Cold Wether or in winter.  To use it  leave  the bottle in hot water or use microwave for few second till it is back in liquid state.

Product Weight:3.22oz ( 100ml )

Product of India