Mens - Oxy Bleach for fairness 15g

Mens - Oxy Bleach for fairness 15g

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OXY BLEACH FOR MENS - 15g Salon Size

Oxy Bleach is applied on the skin- Hydrogen peroxide changes from liquid to gas and increases many times in volume , releasing oxy gen along with it .
The relesed oxy gen diffuses in the surface layer of the skin.
`Hi teach emollients` present in oxy bleach prevent the relesed oxygen from escaping into the atmosphere .
Oxygen molecules weave thir way through cellular layers and in the process carry active ingredients into your skin.
Nourishing it, Energizing it and Protecting it.and you witness a dramatic improvement of your skin tone that gets better with repeated use.

Oxy Bleach Helps Oxygen To Penetrate The Skin. When Oxygen Enters The Skin. It Takes With It Water And Lipids Deep Into The Skin, Making The Skin More Hyerated And Glowing.

Key Ingredient:-
Bleach Cream : Hydrogen peroxide . Powder Activator Persulphates