MDH Chutney Podina Masala 100g

MDH Chutney Podina Masala 100g

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Product Description: MDH Chutney Podina Masala comes in 3.5 ounce boxes with pack of 10. Beat a small bowlful of natural yoghurt, adds Chutney Podina Powder to taste. Alternately, in a mixer, grind 20 g red or spring onion, add 3 tespoon. Chutney Podina Powder and water to mix, to form a watery paste. Check seasoning. Keep for 15 minutes before serving along with savouries, relishes or with main course alongwith pickles. Sprinkle powder on sandwiches, savouries, waffers, etc. for spicy, minty taste.

Ingredients: Salt, Mint, Dry Mango, Pomegranate Seeds, Chilli, Coriander, Black Pepper, Musk Melone, Caraway, Nutmeg And Malic Acid.


Chutney Podina (Pudina) Masala

Yoghurt 1 (small bowl)
Podina Chutney Masala to taste


1. Beat yoghurt and add Podina Chutney Masala.
2. Check seasoning, and keep aside for 15 minutes before serving with savouries, relishes or as a main course accompaniment with pickles.
3. Note: You can also sprinkle Podina Chutney Masala on sandwiches, savouries, waffles etc. for a spicy, minty taste.