Jolen Cream Gold Bleach 35gm

Jolen Cream Gold Bleach 35gm

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Jolen Gold Creme Bleach

Lightens Dark Hair 24 GoldCarat

The new Jolen Gold Crème Bleach gives you the immense pleasure of real Golden shine on your skin as it contains real gold particles extracted from pure Gold dust. This bleach also enhanced with the pleasant fragrance of natural extract and jojoba oil moistening agent that will hold the experience of beautiful moisturized glowing and radiant skin in just 15 mins. It is suitable for all skin types and available in different sizes as per requirement.


  • Jolen Gold Crème bleach will Moisture, soothe and lighten the facial hair to match the skin tone evenly and perfectly.
  • It also contains anti-ageing properties that helps in lightens patchy skin, dark spots and wrinkled lines.
  • Gold Particles in activator activates your melanin skin cells to remove dark patches and helps to glow the skin for the longer duration.

This pack contains a cream, activator and a spatula that enable to apply the bleach on face and other body parts easily and effectively.