Eraser Ance And Pimple Blemishes Cream

Eraser Ance And Pimple Blemishes Cream

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Eraser Acne and Pimple Cream 

It is a Cream which can cure your pimples very effectively as it has an excellent astringent, cooling & healing properties essential for acne treatment. Eraser Acne & Pimple cure cream is a unique formulation of herbs like Masoor & Phulkari which have anti-inflammatory & cooling properties which help in reducing acne from your skin. It contains Hali, a good antiseptic, which is beneficial in treating skin infections.


    * Removes Acne & Pimple in few days without leaving any scars.
    * Has cooling, astringent & healing property.
    * Keeps the skin soft & smooth.
    * Soaks excessive oil present in skin