Ardell DuraLash 65061


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Ardell Eyelashes 65061

  • False lashes that look so real, everyone will think they’re natural!
  • Individual lashes that blend seamless into your own lash line, the Duralash Flare Individual Single Short Black Lashes are perfect for an extremely subtle look.
  • Create your own custom look or simply fill in gaps with these waterproof, lightweight and easy-to-apply permanently curled 8mm length lashes.
  • Wear them up to 6 weeks at a time.
  • Designed for small, round and almond shaped eyes.
  • ARDELL offers several lash styles to fit a consumer's mood, personality and lifestyle.
  • They have become must-have, preferred beauty enhancers for millions of women, including makeup artists and Hollywood A-listers.
  • When women everywhere want to feel confident that their eyes have a total look that's alluring and the ultimate in beauty, they turn to ARDELL Eyelashes and enjoy the compliments.
  • In the decades following the introduction of the very first ARDELL lashes, the brand earned its title as one of the most widely recognized names in faux lashes by catering not just to women looking to enhance their own beauty, but also to legions of beauty professionals and Hollywood makeup artists.
  • The comfort and affordability of ARDELL lashes makes them a small luxury that elevates beauty to another level.