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100g Zenia Indigo Henna + Pure Henna Powder Box

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This Kit Includes:

  1. 100% Zenia Pure Indigo Powder
  2. 100% Zenia Pure Henna Powder

Indigo Powder for Hair ( Indigoferra Tinctoria):

Sometimes indigo is called "black Henna".  Indigo is a natural plant.  Our indigo is finely sifted AND is also fresh Body art Quality free of pesticides and chemicals.

Method of Use:

  1. We recommend to Dye your hair with Henna first before you use indigo for Best results.
  2. To dye with henna mix henna with warm water or lemon juice and let the mixture sit for 6- 10 hours. The paste should be in the form of  pancake batter so it is easy to apply.  Apply henna paste on your hair and allow it to stay on your hair for 4 - 6 hours. wrap your hair with shower cap and Prevent the contact with skin or it will stain your skin. Rinse and wash with water. You have dyed your hair with Henna Now
  3. Mix your indigo in hot water or hot lemon juice and allow to sit for a 15-20 minutes until completely dissolved.( It is very important that you use Indigo within 15 to 20 minutes after mixing it or you may loose the dye unlike henna that can be left overnight for mixing)
  4. Put your indigo paste into an applicator bottle mark the bottleas indigo.
  5. Apply the indigo evenly throughout your hair.
  6. Cover your hair with a plastic cap. Use tissue around the edges of your plastic cap to keep the indigo from running. Cover with a towel.
  7. Keep on your hair for at least 2 hours. Some people will require longer time.
  8. Remove cap and rinse the indigo thoroughly from your hair.
  9. Do not use Shampoo for 24 hours after application to get the best results.
  10. After rinsing wait for 6 to 8 hours for the color to settle down on hair.
Color results may vary from person to person.
improper use may 

We recommend to apply indigo after a henna application. You can also mix your indigo with neutral henna powder(CASSIA OBOVATA) also available in my eBay store to condition while coloring with indigo application.

To cover white hairs, it is best to henna the hair first to darken it and then use the indigo to shift the darkened hair to black.

Hair color results with indigo in most case is black however it may sometime vary from very very dark dark brown, black to bluish black depending upon length of time you leave the indigo on your hair and how your hair takes the coloring. If dark brown results are obtained initially when using your indigo. Your second application will take your hair to black.

Some things to know:

  • Use gloves when working with indigo.
  • Indigo will dye your clothes, so use protective covering or just some old clothes you don't mind messing up.
  • Your towel is going to have blue stains from the indigo. So designate yourself and indigo and henna towel.
  • Indigo on bathroom tile and sinks washes right away. In grout, you have to work at it.
  • Indigo on skin will wash away with little effort.

Logwood: May also be used to obtain black coloring.

Yellow... Blonds and light brownish blond tones

Onion Skins: Pale yellow to light brown 
Chamomile Flowers: Pale yellow. Conditions hair and makes it shiny. 
Osage Orange Dust: Bright yellow 
Turmeric Powder: Golden yellow 
Ginger Powder or Roots: Soft Yellow 
Fenugreek Powder or Seeds: Range of yellows 
Safflower Powder: Pale to Golden yellows 
Tansy: Range of yellows 
Fustic: Pale to darker yellows 
Goldenrod Powder: Mid Yellows 
Marigold Flowers: Mid to pale yellows 
Annatto Seeds: Full range of yellows from deep golden, golden to pale. Annatoo is used as a food coloring for cheese and butter. (Do not boil. Soak seeds and then crush with a potato masher or food processor.)


Beets Root Powder: True red 
Paprika Powder: Deep orangish red 
Madder Root: Red to Red/Browns and orangish (Do not boil. Soak instead) 
Brazilwood Dust: Reds to orangish/reds

Orange/Reds and Browns:

Black Walnut Hull Powder: Dark browns 
Henna: Red and red browns* 
Cutch: Light to mid range of browns 
Red Sandalwood: Range of browns

You can mix these dyes with water and boil down to make a concentrated dye liquid. Mix the concentrated dye liquid with your neutral henna powder or Lotus Powder Plus or henna powder. The more concentrated your liquid, the better the color results. *Mix henna with lemon juice and follow instructions for preparing henna paste.

For best results place roots, skins and flowers in a teabag or tea ball. Powders will dissolve in hot water. Dust will release dye in hot water but resulting concentrated liquid may need to be strained.

Natural dyes have a window of effectiveness. Most should be mixed when you are ready to use them. Once mixed, most should be used within 24 hours. There are some exceptions to this like henna and indigo.

Your natural dyes are safe to mix together to try your hand at developing your own colors. How you mix and prepare your dyes determine their effectiveness and your color results. So you are in charge.